Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome to LearningXchange!

As more teachers begin to participate in online classroom environments, the departments of both Information Technology and Curriculum and Instruction realize that a significant reprogrammning of the current classroom delivery system is necessary to make the entire program more user friendly and more compatible with other emerging technologies. Project participants have named the new management system LearningXchange for several reasons that go to the heart of our project. We are excited about creating a learning environment using technology that will be motivational to students and that will make them accountable for their own learning. We also believe that any classroom management system should be easy for the teacher to use and be accessible by students and parents at times and locations that are convenient. The system will allow for meaningful exchange of information about lessons, assignments, expectations and calendars between school and home and also the sharing of information about curriculum among teachers. Additionally, we intend to change the classroom atmosphere by creating a technology based, collaborative learning environment as students share computers, information, ideas and support with each other.

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